National Events Planning Department


Our Mission

Under the leadership of the National Board of the Unity Fellowship Church Movement (UFCM), the National Events Planning Department will plan and execute UFCM national events. 

The NEPD will explore a multitude of venue opportunities to provide an excellent spiritual experience at affordable prices to meet the needs of our congregations our constituents and maintain the integrity of our national events.

The department is seeking motivated individuals who are interested and excited about exploring new opportunities for UFCM and to navigate us to another level of conference planning and community engagement.    

Department responsibilities:

    Report to national board on a monthly basis
    Attend monthly conference calls
    Attend at least one national meeting per year
    Plan national events (mid-year board meeting and convocation)

      Manage event budget, schedule and logistics

    Develop purpose statements for national meetings
    Source and Negotiate venues for national events (hotel, retreat sites, cruise ships, airline passage)
    Secure revenue streams for events 

Candidates are encouraged to have the following:

    Ø     Have event planning experience
    Ø     Willing to serve for a two year term
    Ø     Able to meet monthly for conference calls
    Ø     Strong written, verbal and interpersonal skills
    Ø     Able to attend at least one national meeting:  midyear board meeting and/or convocation
    Ø     Ability to think globally (broadly)
    • Strong Fundraising Skills
    • Strong Organizational Skills
    • Does not wear multiple hats locally or nationally

Team makeup: (9)

    Department Director
    One person per jurisdiction (4)
    National Board Representative
    Office of Laity Relations Representative
    Office of Training and Development Rep
    Office of Communications Representative
      Individuals with event planning experience are encouraged to inquire.  

All interested parties should send a letter of interest (including their event planning experience) to Rev. Russell Thornhill: or mail to Unity Fellowship Church Movement Headquarters 5149 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016, C/o Rev. Russell Thornhill.  Headquarters phone: (323) 938-8322


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